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Avrora Vegan Fit on "Jamie's Corner Show"

January 03, 2024 Avrora Gunko / Avrora Vegan Fit Season 2 Episode 91
Vegan Booty Talks
Avrora Vegan Fit on "Jamie's Corner Show"
Show Notes

Debunking Meat Myths With a Vegan Nutritionist
Season 2 Episode 91

In this informative episode, I interrogate health coach and nutritionist Avrora Gunko on the myths perpetuated by the meat industry. With each falsehood presented, she tenaciously navigates her way to dispel misconceptions, leaving no room for doubt.

Wonder why smart doctors and scientists still eat animal products? How about why people initially lose weight on a keto diet but why it's not a good long-term solution? Ever wonder about protein and bioavailability of nutrients on a plant-based diet? This is the podcast for you.

Prepare to have your myths busted and questions answered in under an hour.

Enjoy the episode.

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0:00 - 3:05 - Introduction
3:06 - 4:54 - Bodybuilding
4:55 - 9:05 - What Avrora eats in a day
9:06 - 14:05 - What nutrients can't you get on a plant-based diet?
14:06 - 19:15 - Bioavailability
19:16 - 25:05 - Is it possible to be healthy while eating meat?
25:06 - 31:50 - Keto and Carnivore diet
31:51 - 33:45 - Working with Avrora
33:46 - 35:18 - What is next for Avrora?
3:19 - 36:58 - Conclusion

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