Vegan Booty Talks

V.B.T. with Bodybuilder Roger Smith

May 05, 2023 Avrora Gunko Season 2 Episode 74
Vegan Booty Talks
V.B.T. with Bodybuilder Roger Smith
Show Notes

Vegan Booty TALKS with Roger Smith
Season 2
Episode #74

Meet Roger Smith, a passionate vegan Pro Natural Bodybuilder and athlete, entrepreneur, and computer science major, who has been living a vegan lifestyle for over two decades! His journey began in 2002 while residing in Panama and since then, he has made it his life's work to promote and embrace veganism among Latin American culture and beyond.

As a host of podcasts and IG Lives, Roger shares his knowledge on successfully transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, adopting a plant-based diet, fitness, and motivational speaking. Whether he is talking one-on-one or to a crowd, locally or internationally, Roger enjoys discussing all things vegan in both Spanish and English.

Based in Houston, Texas, Roger is a true advocate for the voiceless, educating millions of people along the way. Through his bodybuilding career, travels, and home recipes, he showcases how one can thrive with a vegan lifestyle. Roger's mission is to increase awareness about the incredible benefits of veganism and to reach even more people. 

You can reach Roger through social media IG @veganroger  and find his podcast @latinovegano 


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