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Vegan Booty Talks with Sandra Nomoto

October 20, 2022 Avrora Gunko Season 2 Episode 64
Avrora's Podcast
Vegan Booty Talks with Sandra Nomoto
Show Notes

Vegan Booty TALKS with  Sandra Nomoto
Season 2
Episode #64

Sandra is a vegan content writer/editor and author from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her second book, Vegan Marketing Success Stories, is the first in the world to talk about marketing for the vegan industry.

Little more about Sandra Nomoto:
while earning her degree in English Literature, Sandra Nomoto published poetry in literary journals and film reviews online. At twenty-five, she founded Conscious Public Relations Inc., an award-winning virtual agency that certified as a B Corporation. After a decade in business, she authored and self-published The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need in 2019. Living vegan since 2018, Nomoto is now a content writer and editor for vegan businesses who also helps vegan and spiritual non-fiction authors. She aspires to eat vegan food around the world and blog about it, and lives in East Vancouver, Canada with her husband.

In this episode Avrora talks with Sandra about :
- her transitioning to a vegan diet ;
- how idea of her first book came to life;
- how to market your self in a plant based nutrition and fitness industry ;
- what best healthy tips and things she do recommend;

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