Vegan Booty Talks

Going FULL RAW and starting a BUSINESS with Inna Aracri

April 27, 2022 Avrora Gunko Season 1 Episode 52
Vegan Booty Talks
Going FULL RAW and starting a BUSINESS with Inna Aracri
Show Notes

with FOUNDER OF "Good Cravings"  Inna Aracri

Inna is a plant-based enthusiast and the founder of Good Cravings, a protein bar startup from Houston, TX. She is a fellow Ukrainian born on the Crimean Peninsula in 1986.

 In her early twenties, she developed a passion for health and wellness by coming across raw food lifestyle. That led her to a lot of food experimentations and reading on the subject. In 2012 she got certified as a holistic health coach through IIN and worked with individuals on improving their lifestyles. In 2015 she self-published the book  Raw Foods For Body, Mind, And Spirit: Six-Week Program For Beginners. In 2016 she launched Good Cravings, a private protein bar manufacturing company focusing on making custom fresh batches of protein bars which through word of mouth over the years grew into an amazing mom-and-daughter online boutique shop.

In this episode, you will know how to create the best tasty RAW Vegan Bars and how to start up your business from scratch. 

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